In October, the board voted to change the competition season.    We will now end on March 31, 2014 and the new season begins April 1, 2014.  With those Chapters in the colder climates, like Virginia, this season change will allow us to provide our members with more events, thus enabling them the opportunity to earn more points for qualifying for the Prime and USA Championships.  Previously, our season began in August, and with the Championships in October, then winter, we were struggling to get enough events in before the Prime and USA Championship slots were to be determined.  Therefore, the ASF Board of Directors voted to change this for the benefit of our members.

For those of you that renewed or joined for the season beginning August 1, 2013, don’t worry.  You will renew for the new season, but will receive points for the previous season until the end of July, plus receiving those same points for the new season beginning April 1st.   If you have any questions, please give us a call.  We are happy to discuss it with you.  Below, you will find our contest dates for the upcoming season.  The May dates are still tentative, and we will let you know if there is a change.  Remember, those members that renewed previously, or those that just joined in August will receive points for this year for the April, May, and June Contests, and those same points will be applied to this new season approaching.

Contest Schedule:

Contest #1 – April 5th at the Jetty     (Completed) April Results »

Contest #2 - May 17th at the Pier (if Monster Trucks are at the Jetty) This date is still Tentative   (Completed)  May Results »

Contest #3 – September 14th at the Jetty
Sponsored by: Freedom Surf Shop (Completed/Results) Sept 14 Results »

Contest #4 – September 27th at the Jetty  Sept 28 Results »

Contest #5 – October 25th at the Jetty – CANCELED

Contest #6 – November 8th at the Jetty – CANCELED

We continue to be dedicated to our mission to Take Surfing to the Next Level, and are stoked to provide such an incredible program for our east coast surfers.  The ASF Championships are coming up again in October, and we hope to see you there again this year.  Be sure to renew your membership, if you haven’t already, take advantage of the Global Points, and surf in at least 3 Home Chapter events in order to qualify.  As always, if you have any questions, just give Bud or Luanne a call.

Please read the Competition Rules and the ASF Code of Conduct, which you can download from this page. Remember that all dates and Locations are subject to change. Please check website for any and all updates.

Understanding the Global Point System

How do Global Points work 
Global points are a ranking of all ASF members in a given division, based upon
their top 5 results throughout the competition season.

How do I get to the US Championship
Slots to the US Championships for non-SA Prime Divisions will be determined by totaling the best
5 regular season  event scores (Global Points) at the time slots are made available plus the
previous seasons ASF Championship results as long as the surfer is eligible to compete in
the same division.  The ASF Champion will receive the top slot if eligible.  Surfing America
Prime Divisions:  Top surfers in these divisions will be invited to surf the Surfing America
Prime series to qualify for the Surfing America USA Championships and USA Surf Team.
Top positions will be determined by totaling the best 5 regular season event scores
(Global Points) plus the previous seasons ASF Championship results as long as the surfer is
eligible to compete in the same division.  The ASF Champion will receive the top slot if eligible.

How do I get to the ASF Championships
ASF Championships slots will be assigned as follows:   25% of the slots in each division will
be based on the top 5 global  point totals and these surfers will receive the top seeds. The
remaining 75% of the slots for each division will be distributed to the top finishers in each
individual chapter.